Canadian Patriots Confront MP Globalists At Anti-Racism Rally

A Canadian anti-racism forum was transformed into a heated battle in Toronto as conservative political activists opposed to the Trudeau government’s globalist agenda raised their voices in protest.

Among the speakers was MP Iqra Khalid, champion of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion. After Khalid stated M-103 was not an anti-blasphemy law but “more a tool to foster stronger diversity,” shouts began to emerge from the crowd.

“This is only about protecting Islam and designed to bring more Muslims over here,” said one man. Eric Brazeau, who has spent nine months in jail for “promoting hatred” at one point held up a copy of the Qur’an in protest.

Canadians have stood by passively for the past forty years after the policies of former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau cancelled our nation’s bi-cultural English and French Canadian identity by way of entrenching multiculturalism into society.

Without a mandate from the people of Canada– meaning the legislation is NON-DEMOCRATIC in nature–  Mr. Trudeau set our nation on a path toward cultural eradication. With the election of son Justin Trudeau, the agenda has become so extreme many Canadians are suggesting the true purpose is the destruction of Anglo and Franco-Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s current trip to India– a political disaster by all accounts– is exacerbating ethnic tension in both India and Canada as discord grows regarding the Trudeau government’s support of an independent state for the Punjabi region.

As yesterday’s emotion-packed meeting exemplifies, tensions related to ethnicity, multiculturalism and diversity in Canada are increasing by leaps and bounds. Justin’s dubious claim that “diversity is our strength” has never been more of a misnomer in the history of modern Canadian society.


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