Justin Trudeau Permits Chinese Government To Buy Billions in Canadian Real Estate

One of China’s largest overseas buyers just had its operations seized by government. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), the state-owned regulator, has officially begun prosecution of Wu Xiaohui, the former CEO of Anbang. The process has led the government to seize control of the assets “temporarily,” placing billions of dollars of Canadian real estate IN THE HANDS OF THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF CHINA.

If Canadians failed to comprehend to destructive agenda of Prime Minister Trudeau, surely this mind-bloggling development will wake them from their slumber. That is, if the mainstream media decide to expose the truth regarding the Anbang takeover.

The company has been proven to be steeped in corruption, as it has been officially announced their CEO will be prosecuted on suspicion of “economic crimes.”

Such is the state of affairs since Justin seized control of our nation. Since this time, Canada has been on a steady trajectory towards its cultural and economic demise.

It is no secret that both father and son Trudeau have maintained a deep admiration for the nation of China. Despite the fact that between 1958 and 1962 a third of all homes in China were destroyed by government while tens of millions perished at the hands of the regime of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the Trudeau boys have consistently voiced their admiration for the “motherland.” 

When asked which nation he most admired soon after his ascendency to the office of prime minister , Justin voiced his admiration for a government capable of “turning the economy around on a dime.” Additionally, Mr. Trudeau is presently pushing a free trade agreement with China– despite the fact that the Canadian majority are skeptical of the entire affair.

In light of the decades-long indulgence of communist China by way of the Trudeau Dynasty, it is incumbent upon media to expose the truth regarding the Trudeau-China relationship. Thus far, they have done no such thing.










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