The Liberal-Globalist program to destroy Anglo & Franco Canada courtesy of the Trudeau government.

While millions of Canadians watch in horror as our nation is STOLEN FROM US by way of the Liberal- Multicult agenda, most are unaware as to WHY THESE FORCES are so successful at doing so.
Ground Zero in the battle is the Greater Toronto Area(GTA.)  Here, we find dozens of ridings with a Third World majority which have also elected a Third World MP into power.
Well organized political non-profit groups– Sikh and Muslim in the main– then lobby MP’s such as Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen to work their political will. Naturally, these MP’s work to please their constituents. The Family Reunification program is a quintessential example, whereby hundreds of thousand of non-employable, non- English speaking parents and grandparents are imported to Canada. Economic studies place the overall cost to the Canadian economy at $30 billion dollars over a period of three decades.
Recently, Immigration Minister Hussen announced the highest migrant intake levels in the history of our nation. As this social policy continues to transform our national demographic, MORE AND MORE ridings fall into the pattern of establishing majority Third World constituencies in Canada. Over time, a critical point is reached whereby these ridings have gained the power necessary to assume control of our nation, rendering English & French Canada powerless. 

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