Trudeau Government Tables Budget Steeped In Virtue-Signalling And Political Correctness

The Trudeau government have just released a ground-breaking federal budget. Ground-breaking– in that rather than a focus on prudent fiscal management, the Liberals have created a budget for the purpose of virtue-signalling to please their largest target market, Canadian women.
 Peter Stockland, publisher of Convivuum, decried Morneau’s effort as “barely a budget at all.”
 Rather, “it’s much more a 281-page SOCIAL ENGINEERING BLUEPRINT,with 76 pages of economic and fiscal outlook appendices tacked on to keep accounting types from lapsing into withdrawal.”
 Social engineering is fundamental to the Liberals, just as it is to the communist and totalitarian governments they subtly– or not so subtly emulate.
 As leading Canadian journalist John Robson articulates, the budget “reeks of blithe arrogance, taking on ever-more ambitious and glorious goals because government is omniscient, omnipotent and all-merciful.”
 This is the Trudeau government in a nutshell. Like his father before him. Justin Trudeau maintains an arrogance capable of fooling himself into believing he owns the consciousness of the Canadian people.
He does not. Rather, he is an ideologue posing as a competent national leader– and a dangerous one at that. While Mr. Trudeau puts copious energy into advancing the status of Canada’s so-called “minority” communities, he is a virtual “no-show” regarding the desires of millions of “Old Stock” Canadians.
Now, with the release of the 2018 federal budget, the Liberals have delivered the first “virtue-signalling” budget in Canadian history. Perhaps this should be expected, as Trudeau’s Liberals are also the first government in history to elevate special interest segments of society to priority status while transforming average Canadians into second class citizens.




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