Canadians Catching On To Trudeau’s Destructive Ways, Drops To Loosing Status In Poll Results


For the first time since Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Canada, an Ipsos poll informs us that if a federal election were held today Trudeau would loose.

This, of course, is music to the ears of all Canadians who for the past two years have looked on in horror as they witness PM Trudeau dismantling the fabric of our society without consent or approval from the Canadian people.

From declaring our nation to have “no core identity”– a euphemism for “no Anglophone identity” — to the fiasco that was the Trudeau family trip to India, it appears Canadians have transcended the media hype and now see Trudeau for what he truly is.

And what, pray-tell, is he?  Justin is a person fixated upon several specific themes– most of them highlighting the shortcomings of the nation he was elected to lead. Historical inequities, religious bigotry, prejudice toward First Nation communities, and oppression toward Muslims top the list.

Indeed, if there is a piece of dirty laundry to be found within our nation’s history, Justin has dug it up and thrown it is the faces of Canadians who were not even alive at the time these incidents took place.

Chinese Head Tax. Komagata Maru. Residential schools. While all nations have an element of social inequity in their past, Mr. Trudeau eschews a history of oppression within communist and theocratic nations. Instead, his vitriol exclusively targets the dignity of the of those who elected him into office. With a prime minister such as this, who needs enemies?

A one-term Trudeau is best for Canada. Even better would have been a “no-term” Trudeau. As voters wake up to the fraudulent ways of King Justin, this single-term disaster appears to be more of a reality than was previously believed.







One thought on “Canadians Catching On To Trudeau’s Destructive Ways, Drops To Loosing Status In Poll Results

  1. I was hoping that Justin would have a stroke and end up even more brain dead then he already is but I guess I’ll just have to settle for him not getting re-elected,


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