Justin Trudeau Considers “Rehab Program” For Terrorist Who Plotted Attack In New York City On Behalf Of Islamic State

14695536_10153810838376671_2173606449507577492_n copy
A Canadian awaiting sentencing in the United States for planning terrorist attacks in New York City could soon test the Trudeau government’s approach to dealing with violent extremists returning from abroad.
Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy’s lawyers have asked that he can return to Canada, where his family is proposing he undergo mental health treatment and religious counselling.
Even a person as deluded as Justin Trudeau should realize that bringing this guy back to Canada and having tax-payers foot the bill for his “rehabilitation” will exacerbate building tensionS surrounding  Liberal coddling of those dedicated to the destruction of freedom and democracy.
Trudeau’s terrorist hand-holding policies are symptomatic of a bizarre affection for militant Islam. In a surreal-like fashion, our government dedicate resources and funding in an attempt to transform religious fanatics into law-abiding Canadian citizens. Even Minister of Defence Ralph Goodale publicly stated the chances of success are “very slim.”
In the meantime, common sense Canadians continue to shake their collective heads regarding the Trudeau government tacit support for Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, Sharia law and female genital mutilation.
It make no sense– therefore we know it must be a political by-product of our Liberal government. From day one, Justin Trudeau has consistently placed what former PM Stephen Harper referred to as “Old Stock” Canada at the back of the bus.
Conversely, Mr. Trudeau spends his time working to consolidate the votes of Third World and LGBT Canadians, creating a powerhouse voting block he and his back room advisor Gerald Butts believe will lock-in Trudeau as prime minister for life.
The traitorous terrorist rehab program is one in myriad examples of the method in which King Justin is attempting install himself as “dictator-for-life” in a manner not unlike his hero and “close family friend” Fidel Castro.

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