Trump Surveys Americans Regarding Sharia Law, Trudeau Asks Facebook To Censor Condemnation Of Sharia Law



Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is canvassing supporters about the potential spread of sharia law in America. An online survey offers insight into likely themes in what is set to be a bitter battle for the White House in 2020. 

Meanwhile, in Canada, Justin Trudeau has solicited billionaire Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg to take action against those who criticize the Nation of Islam.

What does this tell Canadians regarding Trudeau’s concern for freedom of speech within the “Great White North?” Namely, he doesn’t have any. As always, Justin’s concerns have little if anything to do with democratic ideals, and everything to do with muzzling those who oppose his pseudo- totalitarian political agenda.

Recent polls show the veneer of the Trudeau fallacy is wearing thin. In fact, a recent Ipsos Poll informs Canadians that if an election were held at present, Justin Trudeau WOULD LOOSE. Clearly, the good people of Canada are awakening to the fraudulent behaviour of this globalist opportunist. The recent trip to India revealed Mr. Trudeau is more concerned with optics than substance, as he  recently spent a week in India mugging for the cameras in traditional robes rather than getting down to business. Indeed, it appeared the Indian government were largely unsure of why he made the trip in the first place.

While south of the border the Trump administration exercise democratic process regarding contentious Sharia Law, back in Canada Justin and his sunny gang of cultural assassins continue to play demographic ethnic vote capture. Ignoring the advent of female genital mutilation in Canada– as well as various other elements of Charter-breaching Sharia Law– Justin Trudeau continues to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of those who voted him to office.

For how much longer this will last is anyone’s guess, but with recent poll results revealing a decline in support for King Justin, his days may be numbered as we approach a 2019 federal election.













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